Bullying prevention is an important step in combating hate based incidents and crimes. These resource will help students, parents, and school officials learn what they can do when they experience or witness bullying.

Resources for Students

It is important that students are able to know their rights and who to go to when they are being bullied.

What is Bullying?

Talk About it

Know Your Rights

Resources for Parents

Providing the right support for children when they experience bullying is key to ensuring their safety. These resources will help parents understand the role of the school in bullying prevention as well as learn what they can do to help their children.

Document Bullying

Understanding the School’s role

Resources for Schools

Schools play an important role in both preventing and addressing bullying. In 2017, 10.5% of all federally reported hate crimes took place at a school or university. All schools should have a clear and comprehensive anti-bullying policy that make it easy for students to report. These resources can help schools strengthen and improve their anti-bullying policies.

Hate Crimes in Schools

Sample Anti-Bullying Policy