Lawyers’ Committee Calls on to Terminate Services to White Supremacist Hate Site

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The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law sent a letter to informing the company that the white supremacist hate site, Stormfront, is in violation of’s Acceptable Use Policy, and urged them to take immediate action to terminate its domain registration services.  In addition to the explicitly bigoted, racist, discriminatory, and hateful nature of the discussions that take place on Stormfront, more than 100 murders can be traced back to Stormfront users who frequented the site to discuss their hateful ideologies.  Following up on the original request, a follow up letter was sent on August 21st, 2017 to Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of, David Brown.


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Sample Script:

We urge you to stop providing domain registration services to Stormfront.  Stormfront is a website created to disseminate racism and bigotry and advance white supremacy.  The site violates your own Acceptable Use Policy and your commitment to building a stronger online community.  Stand up.  Take down Stormfront.