Hate Crimes? Youth Decide.

The program is in the form of a fictional trial. At the conclusion of the trial, the students (or community members) break into small “jury” groups to discuss the issues presented and, with the assistance of a facilitator, reach a verdict. The program is based on a similar program that has been offered since 1994 by the Colorado Lawyers Committee throughout Colorado.

Program Coordinator Manual

The Program Coordinator Manual explains how to establish a Hate Crimes Education Program, including tips on working with teachers and with lawyer and non-lawyer volunteers (who will play the roles of prosecutor, defense attorney, judge and facilitators).

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Hate Crime Script

People v. Patrick Witten. Patrick Witten, a high school student, is charged with four hate crimes against a Muslim teacher, a perceived LGBT student and others at his school (including by way of a social media threat). The script refers to four exhibits which are available upon request from the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

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Typical Hate Crime Statue

The trial is based on a “typical” state hate crimes statute. Information on individual state statutes can be found at the web address here.

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Volunteer Guide

The Volunteer Guide describes each part of the presentation and provides guidance about the most effective presentation techniques. This Guide is accompanied by a one-hour Training Video which serves as an introduction to the program for volunteers and includes tips and takeaways.

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Teacher Guide

The Teacher Guide offers details on the program for teachers, including suggestions for effective classroom curriculum before the presentation. This Guide is accompanied by a short Trailer designed to introduce the program

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Teacher Survey

Teachers Survey can be sent to teachers after the presentation to gauge the effectiveness of the course.

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