Action Item: Attend a Bystander Intervention Training

Every month we feature one thing you can do to help strengthen your community and combat hate. This month our action item is: participate in a bystander intervention training. 

The Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition developed a Bystander Intervention Training to help address the rise of hate crimes and harassment experienced by communities across the country in the wake of the 2016 election.  The MCCRC Bystander Intervention training is grounded in the principles of nonviolence and compassion for others. This training demonstrated the importance of standing alongside people who are targeted for hate so that they do not feel alone. The training also highlights how centering the targeted person can help to quickly diffuse a situation so that it does not further escalate.  For resources on bystander intervention trainings, and how to host a training in your community, click here. As always, if you would like assistance, please contact the Stop Hate Project at [email protected]